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Profiles International Australia’s expertise and customer service exceeded our expectations. An online software solution that suited our needs. PIA’s performance management system combines simplicity for end users with powerful results.

Over 150 of our employees have completed the ProfileXT process and the feedback has been fantastic. Our employees read their reports and all agreed - “Yes this is me” – and feel confident that they can now set smart goals for learning and development. It’s a very positive process all the way through.

This solution is designed to grow with us and clearly fits our future requirements. We would definitely recommend Profiles International Australia.

Sue Saavedra
National HR Manager
A&L Windows Pty Ltd

As a small business I believe we like most other small businesses focused too much on the day to day issues of making a sale, tracking debtors and creditors, controlling cash flow and keeping our staff busy without taking into consideration one of the most important part of any successful business their staffs' needs and desires.

With staff retention in mind we had been searching for over 12 months for a program or consultant to assist us with this matter when during a telephone conversation with my accountant I asked if he had any suggestions on where I could find a suitable program or consultant to assist. He then advised me to talk to Les Leane from Profiles S.A. about his program as my accountant had recently used his services and was quite pleased with the outcome.

Since appointing Les Leane (Profiles S.A.) we have had 12 current and prospective staff members complete the program raising management's awareness of what is required by our staff to help create a more harmonious and profitable work environment.

The management and staff relationship is the best it has been in years and with the personal involvement of Les, our team is more interactive in the day to day running of the business.
It has also assisted greatly in the selection and screening of additional staff.

Trevor Keith
Managing Director, Sunroof/Roof Rack City

"In attempting to identify a comprehensive and reliable multi-rater feedback instrument for a major corporate client, I reviewed some twenty to thirty different instruments considering leadership competence. The CheckPointTM framework was reviewed and, across a range of criteria, became my clear 'first choice' as a feedback instrument to support leadership and management development initiatives."

Dr Catherine See
Orpheus Consulting Group Pty Ltd, Brisbane

Just wanted to let you know that I have moved on from my position as National Sales Manager of artwrap pty ltd, I have enjoyed great success in this position over the past 4 years but felt the need to go and pursue new challenges.

I wanted you to know personally how highly I think of Profiles International and how instrumental they were in my success with artwrap pty ltd, experiencing growth as we did was fantastic but maintaining growth was critical and the only way to do this was with the recruitment of the right people.

Now as you are well aware resumes can contain some over estimates of peoples abilities and experiences so having Profiles International level the playing field made employing the correct candidate an exciting prospect, the profiles also made ongoing training and motivation of the employee very manageable.

To know your staff抯 capabilities, limitations, strengths and weaknesses were invaluable to my position and served me well as a Manager.

I will be undertaking a key role in a different industry soon and you can be sure when it comes time to recruit new staff or even evaluate existing employees I will not hesitate to initiate Profiles International.

Thanks again for all of your support I look forward to dealing with you soon.

Gary J Bell

"The CheckPointTM is the best product in this category that I've used. As you know, this tool replaced another product that we had been using exclusively for almost two years. The managers and executives at Spectrum Healthcare Services (SHS) receive more valuable information in an easy to read, colour-coded format, which encompasses everyone's individual learning style. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that each person may use to implement change, based on the facts from their customised report."

Patricia L. Keeley
Director, Training and Development

"Profiles Team AnalysisTM pinpointed exactly the same challenges as were demonstrated during the teams existence. Had we known before, what we learned after the fact, these team's ability to perform effectively could have been greatly enhanced. As it was, they threatened themselves from within. With a few minor changes, significantly greater performance could have been realised."

G. Benson Lange, Director of Engineering
Griffin International

"The Profile Assessment has enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient."

Howard Falkow
Director of Human Resources

"We have had extremely positive feedback from participants about the complete and detailed input they receive in their Individual Feedback Report. The data is colourfully presented in multiple formats so that participants can view their management and team competencies first with a wide-angle lens and then progressively narrow the focus all the way down to the survey item level."

Susan Lupo,
Management Development Specialist

"In a small company it is absolutely essential that the incoming people have the character and temperament to fit in. Public Relations is pressurised enough without having to sort out internal staff and personality clashes caused by hiring people with the wrong fit. As a small company, I would now never consider hiring anyone without first running them through the Profile."

Ronnie Simpson
Managing Director

... Over the years, we have used multiple Profiles products. Some of them include us using the Step One Survey, The Profile, and the Profiles Performance Indicator. Suffice it to say that Profiles International's assessments have become a standard part of our hiring and leadership process. Implementing these employee assessment solutions in our business has resulted in a significant return on investment. I would have to give Profiles International my absolute highest recommendation for standard use in any organisation, but especially in Organisations that are vested with the responsibility to protect people, property and information.

Tom M. Conley, CPP, CFE
President & C.E.O.

"We have been using Profiles Assessments since 1993 and I want to compliment you and your company on the constant development of new products and the improvements you have made through the years. The Profile gives me information about our people that is not just "on target," it hits the bulls-eye every time. Using The Profile, we are improving productivity and the efficiency of every employee. It is an incredibly effective tool that I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend."

James M.D. Maloney

I am very pleased to provide you with my feedback on using your Sales Indicator Assessment. The Sales Indicator is much more advanced than what I was using; both in terms of accuracy and interface. The tool is very accurate and has provided me with better information on my candidates so that I can feel more confident with the critical "people decisions." The Profiles on the web interface makes administration and reporting a breeze! Additionally, the "real time" reporting enables me to access information on candidates quickly so that I can capitalize on opportunities faster. I recommend the Sales Indicator and your supporting services to any firm that is looking for the best tool for measuring human capital. Thank you for making my life easier!

Stephen Henes
President Diversified Services

We used The Profile when hiring 141 people in the 18 months following its implementation and all but one of these hiring decisions have proven to be excellent - resulting in an incredible 99.3% hit rate in terms of identifying and hiring productive and retainable team members. The information provided by The Profile has been key to achieving such a high number of new hires who immediately settled into their roles as productive team members. As soon as we began to use The Profile in the hiring process we immediately got feedback from our trainers that those recruited with the aid of The Profile were much "more trainable" and took to their responsibilities much more quickly. We are currently implementing programmes to ensure that we make even more use of the Coaching, Training, and Succession Planning outputs of the Profile in the ongoing management and development of our people.
Michael Owens
HR Director, VHI Health Care

We are using Profiles SA to develop our workforce. The major tools used are Checkpoint 360 and ProfileXT assessments. They have been successfully used in recruiting personnel across the spectrum in our organisation. The information gained has been useful in:

  • Team building-work ethic and culture.
  • Placement of new and current employees within teams.
  • Identifying specific areas of coaching need for employees.
  • Giving supervisors a faster and better way of understanding their workers.
  • Identifying the type of employee required for success in our workforce.
  • Job Matching employees.
  • Feedback to employees gives them a better understanding of themselves and their role in the company.

These reports coupled with guidance and coaching from Les Leane has been very worthwhile for our company to date and will be into the future.

Stephen Fladrich.

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