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Effective employee pre-screening  practices will help you to hire candidates who will be successful in their role and add positively to your corporate culture. 

Pre-employment assessments are one of the most predictive and valid methods of recruiting and provide you with insight into the candidate’s abilities, work behaviours and preferences which cannot be obtained by any other recruitment method.

Benefits of Effective Employee Pre-Screening

  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Accelerate the hiring process
  • Improve hiring precision
  • Minimise cost of theft, violence and absenteeism

Simplify the Interview

Novice and experienced interviewers are sometimes unsure of the best questions to ask candidates in an interview. While sample interview questions can help, having specific questions to ask a particular candidate makes the process even more effective. Profiles International provides you with suggested interview questions based on each candidate’s assessment results for a range of assessment reports.

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