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Onboarding Employees

Effective employee onboarding has a positive domino effect: it ensures that new hires feel welcome and prepared in their new positions, in turn giving them the confidence and resources to make an impact within the organisation, and ultimately allowing the company to continue carrying out its mission.

Benefits of Effective Onboarding

  • Increase the success factors of the new employees
  • Reduce the time required to achieve full productivity
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Plan the training, development and coaching properly
  • Increase the employee’s engagement and commitment

Onboarding Tips

When you bring a new talent into the office, always keep in mind to under-promise and over-deliver in order for the current employees not to envy the new talent and feel like management is star struck.

Build Credibility and Trust with Quick Wins

It is always recommended to make the new star hire prove their value and gain trust of their colleagues, re-earn credibility regardless of their prior achievement and always communicate this expectation to them.

It is easy to make large promises, but it is much more difficult to actually follow through. It is crucial that your new superstar deliver successful results and contribute to the organisation in order to build credibility. Expect everyone to earn credibility in a new organisation, regardless of their past accomplishments or reputations. If you can help them build momentum with some quick wins, then consider this to be a part of the onboarding effort.

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