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Customer Service Assessments

Keeping your customers satisfied is essential to building a successful, growing business. While many companies work hard to increase sales, they may overlook the importance of doing the little things that keep customers happy and buying more. It is often easier to accelerate your business by cultivating the customers you already have rather than having to constantly attract new customers.

If it is true that happy customers buy more, then your business will benefit tremendously from incorporating Profiles' Customer Service Perspective. As an investment in your human capital, the CSP can have a significantly positive impact on your bottom line.

Why assess customer service employees?

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Maximise customer value
  • Get customer referrals

Fostering a Service Culture

Customer service is not a department; it is an important function of every employee and it is a culture in the organisation that can increase the client's loyalty. When customers are pleased with a product or service they may tell one or two others; but when they are dissatisfied, they are much less restrained. Poor customer service causes negative word-of-mouth that your organisation wants to avoid, which is why the people you select to interact with customers are so important.

Profiles International Australia offers valuable assessment tools to help you identify employees with superior customer service skills, as well as coach existing employees to greater success, and to help you create a system for measuring customer satisfaction. This is the information needed to coach and train your people to deliver world-class customer service.

Count the Cost

Every customer service encounter has the potential to gain repeat business or drive it away. Poor customer service costs your company dearly. Worldwide, up to two-thirds of all customers leave due to poor customer service. Nurturing outstanding customer service is every employee's responsibility.

Understand Your People and Replicate Your Top Performers

Skills & Knowledge can be acquired by employees willing to put forth the effort, but our personalities and core behaviours are difficult to change. That's why we encourage our clients to carefully consider how well their employees' core behaviours fit with the actual job he or she will be performing. Customer Service Profile™ helps companies predict how well a person will fit a specific a specific customer service position.

  • Identify those who excel in their role and then use assessments to find out what makes them successful.
  • Create a model against which you can match potential employees interested in the same job.
  • Gain insight as to where employees may be at risk.
  • Offer specific coaching tips and development suggestions.
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